Terms & Conditions

Welcome to MSB Fashions. lawfully owns this website. Visiting this site and accessing the data, products, resources, and tools we offer to customers, you agree to accept our terms and conditions. We suggest avoiding purchasing from our site or taking assistance from the provided services if you disagree with our terms and conditions

Online store terms & conditions

Via agreeing on the applied terms and conditions, you agree to the legal age to use this site and consent to our conditions. We prohibit customers from using our products for illegal persistence or violate any law while using our services. Transmitting any virus or information that can harm our website or breach our privacy is prohibited. Violation of terms and conditions will be dealt with lawfully.
  • We equally reserve a right to refuse to serve anyone based on apparent reasons
  • MSB fashions assume that customers understand that their content, excluding credit card information, is transferable and may get involved and unencrypted. We eventually accept that you will not replicate, resell, copy or exploit any of the conditions or rules of our services
Change in services and prices

  • We have an equal right to change the prices of our products without giving any prior notice.
  • Modifying or discontinuing services at any time is the right we reserve legally
  • MSB fashions own no explanation and are not liable to any customer or third party to make changes in prices, suspend services, or cancel the order
Accuracy of billing and account information

We reserve rights to decline any orders. We might be a sole preference, restrict or cancel the number of orders purchased per person or order. All of these limitations may involve orders that are placed by the equivalent account of customers, same credit card, or a similar shipping address. However, if we decide to cancel the order or make a change in it, we will inform the user via email or contact on the provided number. MSB fashions also owns the right to restrict charges that in our exclusive decision found to be placed by the distributors or resellers.

Since you agree to complete, present, and precise purchase and account data for all of the purchases made at our store, you agree to provide us with your account details immediately. This may count on the email address and numbers of credit cards, including the expiration date, so that we can perform your transaction.

For further details, we suggest you visit our Return & Exchange Policy page.

Offered products or Services

Particular products or services might be only available at online stores. There is a probability that some of our products will be in less quantity and can only be returned or exchanged according to our Return & Exchange policy.

Our efficient staff work at the optimum level to display the products same as the original, there could be a slight difference in the color scheme due to graphic images. We do not take responsibility for the color displayed on your mobile or computer screens.

MSB Fashion reserves all rights to limit products or services for a specific person, region, or authority. Moreover, we do not guarantee customers that the quality of purchase products, services, or information gathered from this website will accurately meet your expectations. We understand everyone has unique satisfaction expectations that we do not promise to fulfill.

Modification in Terms & Conditions

MSB Fashion has the complete right to make adjustments in mentioned terms and conditions regarding any ordered products, including the conditions you agreed while placing the order. Once there is a contract between the user and the company, each party will receive a confirmation email to agree on all terms and conditions. In case of order cancellation due to any reason, you need to contact the customer support team as soon as possible, otherwise, there will be a cancellation fee.